Announcing the 2023 Zine Awards Nominees!

Zinesters one and all! The most prestigious prize in the scene of staples and strangeness is drawing ever closer. You’re probably curious: WHO IS nominated for the 2023 Broken Pencil Zine Awards? Wonder no longer! We’re honoured to announce this year’s contenders for this most unique award.

Below are the nominees for Best Artzine, Best Litzine, Best Comic, Best Political Zine, Best Infozine, Best Perzine and Best Fanzine of 2023!

Best Artzine

Download This Zine by Sammy Orlowski, Lucky Acid and Riyam Niaimi
Lucas John by Michael Faubert
Super Monkey Ball Existential Crisis by Michelle Theodore
Stone Fruit by David Woodward
To Become by Sara Barber

Best Litzine

Found You Magazine by Kolton Procter
The Latex Castle by Carmi Tronci Bell
Letter Gothic Vol. 6 by José Morell-Ducós
Sad Gay Vampire Poems II by Quinn Milton
Volcano Zine!!! by Local Smoke Press

Best Comic

Dybbuk by Oren Wry
Fullerton by Dana Cox
Garage Girls by Sara McGrath
Jessicessica & Michaelichael by Emile Compion
Scent Home by Kiki Hamazaki

Best Political Zine

Canada Stop Arming Saudi Arabia by Sonali Menezes
Kill Bill 23 by R. Totale
PRUDEmag Issue 2 by Rea Sweets and Twoey Gray
Operation Nemesis by Ali Cat.

Best Infozine

A Comic About the Opioid Epidemic in My Small Town by Jon Claytor
Getting into Fights with Data Centres by Anne Pasek
Ghost Towns of Southern Alberta Along the Historical Red Coat Trail by Charles Agopsowicz
Indigenous Artists Guide to Art School by Laura Grier
Tales from Behind the Counter by Kiran and Becca

Best Perzine

Confessions of an Ex-Zine Editor by Bubblegum Zine Archive
Fat Kid at McDonald’s by Theo Houghtaling
Get Over it Go Out with Somebody Else by Jessica Martinez
I’ll See Myself Out by Az Sperry
IDK Sounds Fake by KJ Martinet

Best Fanzine

Golden Lovers by Trenyce Tong
Magnetic Fields Songs by KJ Martinet
The Same Rainbow’s End: Super Normal Man by Emmanuelle Princesse Chateauneuf
TV Grime by Luke Geddes
UGSMAG 005 by David Jaguttis

The winners for each categories, including the top prize of Zine of the Year, will be announced at our in-person Zine Awards ceremony. This year’s festivities will be held on January 25th, 2024 at See-Scape (347 Keele St, Toronto). We will also be celebrating Broken Pencil Magazine hitting 100 issues. It’s zine greatness all around folks!

If you cannot attend the ceremonies in person, we will be livestreaming the Awards via our Twitch channel. You can also read more about the winners and statements from our judges in the upcoming issue of Broken Pencil. We will also be selling winning and shortlisted zines through our online store.