BP Zine Awards: Best Infozine & Zine of the Year 2020

//image of American Dreams in a Chinese Takeout Zine
//photo of Katie Gee Salisbury

American Dreams in a Chinese Takeout
by Katie Gee Salisbury

Brooklyn, New York

“American Dreams in a Chinese Takeout” is a zine that brings together photographs and stories that highlight the lives of immigrants working in Chinese restaurants, based on my photography exhibition Thank You Enjoy. The project was sparked by a simple question: If Chinese takeout is so popular in America, why do we know so little about the people who work in the industry?

The zine tells the stories of cooks, delivery workers, waiters, and community organizers who work in the Chinese restaurant industry. As a result, I have categorized it as a “political” zine because it is somewhat different than a typical photo zine and has a substantial amount of text. Ultimately, the zine challenges us to examine the working conditions and personal sacrifices of Chinese immigrants while considering what it truly means to be American.


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