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• Because you support zines and the independent print underground.

• Because Broken Pencil is a not-for-profit cultural organization with a mandate to spread the word about zines and do-it-yourself print projects.

• Because you believe, like we do, in free speech. This includes the unmediated right of individuals to get their viewpoints out into the world. They should be able to this free of censorship, surveillance and the imperatives of corporate profit margins.

• Oh and because you’ll get amazing exclusive swag!

All our Zine League subscriptions come with:

Print and Digital editions of Broken Pencil + all access to our website.

The Exclusive Zine Maker’s Notebook!

The super sweet Zine Eyes t-shirt!

BP founder and publisher Hal Niedzviecki’s acclaimed novel 'The Program'

Zine League Stickers!

Discounts to participate in Canzine, The Zine Awards & more!

Zine League members get a special gift or event every month!

Please come back to this page every so often as we will continue to update the special gifts and events you will receive!

Zine League Monthly Benefits!

❄️ January ❄️— Magazine
🌱 March 🌱— Sticker Sheet
☔ April ☔— Magazine
🌸 June 🌸 — Literary event: How to get published with BP fiction editor and special guests
☀️ July ☀️— Magazine
🌻 August 🌻 — Bonus Gift Surprise Zine
🎃 October 🎃 — Magazine
❄️ December ❄️ — Holiday Hangout with BP Staff and Guests and so much more!


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