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Travel zine, Hari Yams, 32pgs,, $2

This small, plain zine is meant as a guide for casual Montreal cyclists looking for some easy rides. A single hand-drawn map of Montreal’s south shore loosely tracks the 13 rides, all of which begin near the edge of downtown. Typewritten text gives a brief explanation, distance and directions for each ride. I once rode a bicycle in Montreal for a couple days, and I can’t remember how I got directions, but I did have a good time. Were I to return today, this zine seems like the type of guide I might appreciate. But the directions are kind of sparse, perhaps lacking enough detail to be useful to a timid visitor. The dry, impersonal tone also makes this dull reading if you’re not going to actually use it for directions. I felt there wasn’t enough space devoted to enticing description of sights or the routes themselves. For a toonie I’d buy this anyway, but only as a sidekick to a good cycling map. (Rodney Dickinson)

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