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The Semi-Finals are here.

Only 4 stories remain.


This past week, each remaining story was pitted against story. Votes inched forward minute by minute, hour by hour. Numbers were tight. Writers struggled to maintain first place. But in the end, only four could be victorious.

Christina Brown’s Arrangements, R. Daniel Lester’s Free Your Mind, Sophie-Anne Belisle’s Smile, and Sean Wheaton’s Cracked Red Landscape are left in the ring to battle it out.

Who will survive the next week? Only you can decide.

And want more voting clout? Like your favourite comments for extra voting karma. 50 up-votes will earn commentators Bronze status, and their votes will count for 2. 200 up-votes will earn commentators Silver status, and their votes will count for 3. 400 up-votes will earn commentators Gold status, and their votes will count for 5.

So what are you waiting for? Keep hyping, keep commenting, and keep those votes coming. This is going to be a close race, and Deathmatch semi-finalists need your support now more than ever.


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