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The Life and Times of Hugh Grant: A Colouring Book

Colouring book, Stephanie Cheng, 24 pages,, $5


the-life-and-times-of-hugh-grant-camThe adult colouring book craze has been steadily rising for a few years now. I guess we’re running out of subject matter because now we have a colouring book, lovingly dedicated to one of the UK’s most famous actors and/or “johns”. The Life and Times of Hugh Grant is a chance to stay within the lines via this charming twit of the silver screen. This book features a combination of Grant’s finest moments and a few that never actually happened but are slightly amusing. This isn’t as exhaustive as an IMDB profile but at least will give you a chance to add a little personal colour to your fandom. Spoiler alert: his infamous mid- ‘90s mugshot is included, complete with police marker and “get out of my face” scowl. That looks great and the entire colouring book looks great, well packaged with a sturdy thick stock cover and a clean, simple design that looks really quite profesh. Sure, this is a niche product about a person who may now be a niche personality. But it’s fun and irreverent and available now. (Cam Gordon)

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