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ZINES_Flip Your Face

Comic, Christopher Green, 18 pgs,, $3

For a comic detailing a monster-esque dude and his thirst for pinball, Flip Your Fingers is a study in pursuit and accomplishment. Christopher Green does a rock-solid job cramming plenty into 18 pages of panels. Like a less lecherous R. Crumb, Green’s characters are slightly ghoulish and walk upright. But their carnal desires are far more pure. Again, the main dude just wants to play some pinball. Without spoiling the story arc, I can say that an adventure ensues and various other beings come and go. They’re all incredibly kind, considering their monstrous features. The one exception is a scissors attack but that seemed to be a defense mechanism rather than anything malicious. It’s a rare act of aggression in a story that is built on heart, and Green does well to keep the pacing brisk without rushing; impressive considering he’s got less than two dozen pages to work with. I encourage you to check out his work if any of the above sounds appealing. (Cam Gordon)

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