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ZINES_Free-RadicalsArtzine, Stefen Ursulan,, $10

When I was an undergrad I worked in the darkroom at Carleton University, which meant unlimited access to enlargers and chemicals. I remember wandering around Hull, Quebec with my friend and our cameras snapping away at the ruined rail infrastructure and beaten pathways. We didn’t think much about what we were doing at the time but it was not un­like the wandering philosophy that un­derpins this zine, a collection of photos that were created, in the words of its author, “free of planning and without set destination in mind.”

The photos were shot on small and medium format film — presumably black and white — but reproduced in zine form on glossy pages that take on a blue hue. There does not appear to be any compo­sitional motif that unites them. Some of the photos are hazy landscapes with a misty quality of dawn. More of the pho­tos depict the group of shutterbug pals enjoying their environment, exploring the landscape, and posing for photos. While most of these photos are well done, and one or two are exceptional, I think this zine will serve best as a souve­nir for the group of people who created it. (Chris Landry)

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