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So here’s what happens: I’m flipping through this short little black-and-white copy-shop job, and there are nice photos that are also kind of eerie and comics in French and simple little line drawings and drunken in-joke cartoons and, you know, that kind of thing, and I’m being lulled into a state of semi-bored detachment because it’s all okay-looking but nothing particularly piques my interest or anything and then all of a sudden there is a colour photo of a painting and I’m like, okay, alright, there’s colour now, this might get interesting, maybe, and then I turn the page again and WHAT THE FUCK, there are two stunningly bright colour collages of faces made entirely out of photos of dicks and assholes! Quite the departure from the rest of the zine. I guess it’s funny how surprised I was when I saw these pictures (or “cockllages,” as my friend Isaac gleefully insisted I call them) but REALLY. Come on, Clay Stam (not to be confused with the other contributors, line-drawers and photo-takers all). I don’t know what kind of reaction you were trying to get out of me… I wasn’t really as shocked as I was surprised, though I will admit to having been a little grossed out. Regardless of what you were going for, all your “cockllages” did in the end was make me decide this zine probably isn’t worth anyone’s $2.50. (Emma Healey)

zine, Chelsea Novak and Jordan Abel, issue 5, $2.50, #204 11835 102 St, Edmonton, AB, T5G 2G2,

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