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Criminally Yours

Criminally Yours is straight out of Baltimore. It chronicles peoples’ encounters with the law or what some of of us like to call “pppppigs.” It features the “‘best’ crime-related encounters from 29 area contributors, guilty and otherwise….” Ew! intrigued! Here goes…. Okay, so there’s 30 contributors. Hefty and varied. Some of the stories are a snort and others are just scary, but it’s nice to have the varied perspectives and for one of the greater objectives to be the focus on the high crime rate in Baltimore and what theories people and their stories can and cannot support. But my friend S said that she didn’t really like it, as “it’s just a bunch of horrible stories that don’t really have a context.” Some stories are more engaging than others. There is a lot of promotion of the Baltimore zine scene, which is intriguing. Other titles in the ” Smile, hon, you’re in baltimore” series include “INFESTATION” (about vermin) and “giving up the Ghost” stay tuned. (laura mcCoy)

PO box 11064 Balitmore, MD 21212 USA

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