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You know those people who buy those posters of shirtless dudes holding puppies? This is their porn site. It’s an unrelenting cavalcade of small fuzzy animal pictures, scrolling off into infinity. Some images, like the still-life-with-rabbit “Bun-tocks,” are the result of a lucky photographer being in the right place at the right time to capture a supremely saccharine moment for posterity. Others, like the Escher-esque “Penta-cat,” are clearly the product of careful staging and an unknown number of tranquilizer darts. Those of you with a specific fetish will be pleased to find that the images have also been categorized by subject matter: birds, bunnies, horses, pups and, of course, separate listings for kittens and cats. Be warned: only fellow travellers should venture into the comments. All those “Oooooooo’s,” “Awwwwww’s” and “OMG!!!’s” could disturb users who haven’t had previous experience with the dark side of the Internet. To say nothing of the puns. Oh gods, the puns. (Derek Winkler)

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