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This is a lighthearted zine subtitled “the absurdity of living with pets.” Do not let the title fool you though; there is at least 40% cat content here as well. If you can overlook that minor deception you will find a cast of characters (the pets) complete with traits (fat, handsome, slightly deranged), speculation on what character each pet might play on various popular HBO series’, and a very useful guide to getting pee out of mattresses. The whole thing folds out into a detailed map of the apartment where you will learn which corners get scratched, what rooms smell like pee, and what items get chewed up and thrown up. Oh, and they have lizards too. And the dog’s name is Bunsen. I won’t tell you the name of the cats. I have to leave some things for you to discover on your own.

I’m pretty sure you will either find this to be the cutest thing ever or so insufferably sweet that you will want to punch it in the face. Don’t punch it in the face. (Chris Landry)

Zine, Kate D.,

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