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Out of Calgary comes this fanzine that appears to be dedicated to noise music. This, the seventh issue, features an interview with Alec Empire (formerly of the band Atari Teenage Riot), an article on Calgary musician MindKontrolUltra and an interview with Saskatchewan musician Holzkopf. If you’re a fan of any of these artists you may be interested in checking this zine out. If you’re not, it’s somewhat unlikely there’ll be anything here that interests you. I know one Atari Teenage Riot song, which I suspect makes me more of a candidate for liking this zine than most people who have probably never heard of any these artists. Having little interest in the subjects of this zine, I personally found it tedious to get through the interviews.
That’s not to say that Feedback is a bad zine, I just think that the target audience is innately limited. Kat would be best spreading the zine around at shows for the above musicians or through similar online message boards. (Harley R. Pageot)

Fanzine, #7, Kat Dornian,, $2

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