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My Prairie Home – watch it here

As we mentioned previously, the NFB is streaming the documentary on Canadian writer and musician Rae Spoon this coming Sunday and Monday. But now, it will also ...

Rae Spoon’s My Prairie Home

For two days this month (January 26th and 27th) the new documentary on Canadian musician and writer Rae Spoon will be streaming for free on the NFB's website. ...

Educating With Zines

photo courtesy of Kelly McElroy by Lindsay Gibb I discovered zines in high school. In Grade 10, I was hanging out in my basement and a friend handed ...


by Matthew Stranach I was twenty-five years old the first time I tried growing a beard. We were living on Brunswick Street in a slanty shanty. The floors in ...

New Editorial Board

Over the past month we've been putting together a group of people to help us with future story planning and organization for Broken Pencil. The purpose of the b...

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