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Carpentry isn’t a theme. It’s an underground art movement emerging out of Vancouver. The kids out west are using the structure of putting together vast objects in a clean concise way so it can be filled with fun stuff in an organized fashion (think of artist Kim Adams and how he transforms Home Depot objects of mass production into seduction in his recent AGO show). This zine is documentation of a performance at the Ministry of Casual Living (an artists run centre in Victoria, BC) where Mulvin did a “doorway performance.” Basically: it’s glorifying the process of a) carpentry and b) construction while keeping a safe enough distance from the materials to still retain artistic authority over them. The “Handy Says” guy (not unlike the paperclip guy on Word) fills in some details we’re unfamiliar with. “Handy Says: After installing large glass units in buildings under construction, it is considered good practice to place a large X on the glass using masking tape or washable paint. This will remind workers the glass is in place so they won’t walk into it.” Tell that to the pigeons. (Nadja Sayej)

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