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Perzine, Five Seventeen,

This is the story of the moods and moves  of a cat called Maxwell. Beginning with  his homecoming from the SPCA in  1984; continuing to his relocation to an  apartment shared with his caretaker, the  caretaker’s girlfriend and another cat;  and finishing with Maxwell’s demise at  the end of a long and comfortable life. In  its 20 pages, the zine follows Maxwell and  his caretaker through  18 years of his life  and we are witness to the changes that  come with growing up and growing old.

My recovering copywriter brain is  screaming at me to tell you this zine  needs a good once over by an eagle-eyed  sentence tamer to smooth out the typos  and repeated words, though it trusts  the end-notes on the animal rights  movement and the content of most  commercial pet foods are as accurate  and informative as they seem.  The part of my brain that is not a  grammar sheriff wants me to tell you  the narrative is well-written, sincere,  and ultimately moving, as the narrator  soothes an old friend in his final  moments. (Mary Green)

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