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zine review:

Snow #2

This is episode two of Snow, a comic by Torontonian Benjamin Rivers. Though I never read the first outing of Dana, the main character, I feel like I didn’t need to in order to appreciate her ordeals in #2.

Dana starts off down and broke, as she walks through the snowy streets of Toronto, going to work at a mom-and-pop bookstore. She deals with angry customers, avoids her friend’s phone calls (or texts, rather) and after a lonely walk through the dark and blustery urban streets, she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Things just seem to get worse for Dana right until the end of the book. It makes me wonder what will happen to her in #3, as it seems she has nowhere to go but up, but I also wonder if much of anything happened to her in #1 since this episode stands alone quite well.

Rivers has left fans with an extra way to interact with Dana while they wait for #3 to come out. He has created an interactive video game based on Snow which is available on his website. A smart move for a comic-creator, as I know how long it can typically be between issues. (Fiona Clarke)

Comic, Benjamin Rivers, $7 (or two for $12),

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