BP Zine Awards: Best Political Zine 2020

//image of International Whore’s Day Zine

//photo of IWD NYC 2020 Coalition

International Whores’ Day Zine 2020
by IWD NYC 2020 Coalition

New York, New York

This zine is a love letter to Whores. This zine is a promise to fight. To honor and celebrate the resilience of the NYC sex working communities who continuously care for and provide mutual aid to one another, a group of sex workers and comrades are making a zine.This zine is a creative call to action, a recommitment to hope and collective strength in ongoing uncertain times. For those of us contributing, we’ve known and called out existing pandemics running rampant, destroying lives: capitalism, racism, the prison industrial complex, whorephobia, transphobia, the US war machine, and environmental attacks and now we’re drawing upon our existing mutual aid networks to once again build community care and safety. We share whorestory and art to ready our hearts for our continued struggle.

We were supposed to be rallying together, clutching our red umbrellas, holding each other, sweating in the city sunlight, perched upon our Pleasers. We say, we are still together. We are a digital scream, we are a virtual chant, we are thousands of red images defiantly circulating in an online world that would rather silence us.

We do this for Lorena, we do this for Marsha, we do this for Sylvia, Alphonza Watson, Yang Song, Sisi Thibert, Alloura Wells; we do this for us all.


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