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This thick, well produced zine has a bit of everything, artfully laid out in handsome fonts with graphics, photos and illustrations. It comes to you from a group of people who used to contribute to Ninth Wave, but who wanted to branch out from Goth. There are four fairly substantive interviews: a good chat with comic heroine Action Girl (Sarah Dyer) that reveals her thoughts on many things including Riot Grrrls and women in comix generally; a not so musically focused interview with Miranda Sex Garden that actually gives a good sense of where they’re coming from; an interview with How Insensitive author Russell Smith; and a fairly personal dip into the world of Robert Oliver, the man behind Toronto label FIAV. Poetry, recipes, zine reviews and a “Hipster’s Guide to the Internet” (the great drink recipes web site sounds like its worth a look) makes this a plump, fancy ‘zine of variety.

zine / main creators: Sheryl Kirby and Greg Clow / $5 (cheques to Greg Clow) / Stained Productions, 158 Close Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, M6K 2V5 email:

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