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This is porn at its cartoon best. Wordless, but no lack of storyline. Dale says that in writing these tales “Silent gay porn film shorts from the 70’s and 80’s were a subconscious influence on me.” A boy shopping for belts sees another hot boy, fantasizes about undoing his belt. Enter the hungry, shy early moments of making out with someone, that first questioningly curious finger sneaking into their underwear, exploring each other piece by piece. We follow sizzling casual meetings like these, as well as a passionate couple. And I should correct my earlier description of ‘boy’. These are men! Big, masculine, strong, and sensual, not to mention extremely well endowed. The unique quality of this porn is that it is not only incredibly hot, but it’s also sweetly romantic. Lazarov and MacIssaac take it beyond the level of pure gratification, to exploration, connection, and fun. Don’t get me wrong though there are no shortage of cum shots(!), and one handed reading opportunities. “I wanted the comics to be memorable (“sticky”), romantic in a masculine Walt Whitmanesque sort of way (“adhesive”), and basted in cum.” Check, check, and check Lazarov. MacIsaac’s illustrations are a clean, expressive delivery of the sweetness of lust mixed with the rawness of sex. If gay male porn is your cup of tea happy steeping with this series! (heze douglas)

by Dale Lazarov, Steve MacIsaac, $19.95, 80 pgs, Bruno Gmunder Verlag,

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