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The thing I find most unfortunate about new writers is that they seem at their best when they’re not trying to “write.” A great many scribes that I can call to mind write more earnestly than they realize when they are writing about how much they love the process of writing and publishing, not what they consider to be a finished piece.

This sort of dilemma arises with Stuck by Yarika Rose. I found I enjoyed his honest and quite amusing introduction of the zine even more than I enjoyed its content. This indicates to this reviewer that Rose can write beautifully, but has to let go of some of those static poetry lines and cut it a bit more loosely. His strengths lie more in short storytelling than in short poetry.

While it may all have been said already by the Salingers and Hemingways and Atwoods, I still feel that the rest of us have to keep on truckin’. And we need to hear more of these “sexy daydreams” from Mr. Rose. (Carolyn Tripp)

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