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zine review:

That Book of Yours

What makes me not recoil in total cynical annoyance at this tract of dreamy revolution? I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m gonna say that half the time this little zine warmed the cockles of my cold, jaded heart. This series of linked poems and prose-narratives leans towards mo­tivating you to get off your ass and into the world, encouraging you to tell your own stories to counter the narrative of that “ugly old ‘patriarchal-capitalist-su­premacy’ that we all know is really stu­pid anyhow.” Be warned, this motivation comes with a heavy dose of mysticism. When the “howling chants of whales” kick into full-swing, I’m put off, but feel like TrollE somehow knows this will be the case when he suggests “It’s not that I’m too romantic, but that you’re not romantic enough.” This zine is sweetly, at times naively, demanding and makes grand sweeping gestures at social change. Depending on your day (or life, for that matter), it might rub you in all the right or all the wrong ways. (sarah pinder)

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