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From the moment I laid eyes on the cover art, I could tell that this band was really awesome. I want to live in this cover art. First of all, there’s a weird old timey babe in a swimsuit holding on to some camcorders with wings that are trying to fly away. Secondly, there’s an old commodore with chicken legs, a nondescript keypad with a chimpanzee body and a microchip with crab legs just hanging out. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a volcano in the background? GAGOOOSH. That was the sound of my mind being blown by awesome. Anyway, these guys sound great. They’ve got a song called “Father Duffy’s Statue”, which is really cool. Whenever I hear the name Duffy, I think of this pub in Southampton, Ontario. Seriously, my folks go to Southampton like every 1.5 months to soak up some grease and hit the flea markets. Anyway, this guy Duffy owns this bar called Duffy’s Famous Fish and Chips. What they don’t tell you on the sign is that Duffy is also the vocalist in this local musical act called Stardust Big Band. So when you’re there chowing down on cod, he’ll just burst into song and kinda freak everyone out. As far as I can tell, The Color Bars are indie-pop for people who like old timey babes in swimsuits and singing fish. (Aaron Zorgel)

CD, Paranoiac

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