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This seems like a pretty good place to get your first short-story published, after all, they publish a lot of fiction of varying length and type, and some of the stories are actually readable, despite desperately wanting to conform to main-stream conceptions of fiction. They also have two interviews with semi-famous local writers that are fairly readable, and the usual lit stuff scattered around, book-reviews, ‘perspectives’, nothing to get excited about, but nothing to really dislike either. I guess what impresses me about The Core is that it is cleanly produced and, by all appearances, seems to be fairly viable for a lit journal, with a whole lot of ads, even a double page fake-book reviews thing at the end called ‘The Book Shelf’. I mean, if you’re going to put out a publication nobody cares about, you might as well make some money doing it. If The Core took some risks and expanded its horizons it might be something to really bite into.

newspaper/literary journal / #11, 28 pages / publisher: Diane Robinson / main creators: Diane Robinson, Ron LeBlanc / free, 24 for 12 / 353 Queen St. W., #5, Toronto, ON, M5V 2A4

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