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If you care to read the intimate details of Sonic Unyon bands lives and see their hairy mugs, or hear scene reports from Southern Ontario, or get advice on how to sell yer own records, or read some ‘zine reviews, then The Stink has a great deal more to offer you than the typical record company catalogue. There is a clique afoot here, and it is a stinky foot, but it is also as friendly as an old shoe or a fat yellow onion, and if not for the fact that Sonic Unyon-styled bands seem to be eclipsing some of the more interesting, experimental elements of the Ontario music scene, this newsprinted grunge-rag would be a harmless li l muskrat to have crawling about our cultural sock drawer. But.

newsletter/catalogue / #5, 16 pages / Publishers: Sonic Unyon Records / Main creators: Sandy (editor) and various band members / Free / P.O. Box 57347, Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X2



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