Art Holes: Boss Nass KFC Drink Topper

Big surprise: my bedroom is also my studio space! Fun part is that it’s nice and big with a lot of light. I have a nice big desk with some plants, I have my bookshelf and a little TV that plays VHS tapes. Still waiting for the right opportunity to watch Waterworld… I have a Boss Nass KFC Drink Topper that was gifted to me and this perfect green plastic dragon that I got for myself as a treat at a suburban Maryland Value Village. They are both important artifacts within my space that I stare at and ponder while I sip my tea. I’m working on a book all about goblins right now so I thought it would make sense to include those in here as well. The book is called “Prestige Goblins” and is a collection of new comics, all vaguely goblin related.

ALEXANDER LAIRD is a cartoonist based in NYC and hosts the FROG FARM reading series.