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Art Holes: Liza Czech

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their workspaces. This issue, artist Lisa Czech gives us a look.

Lisa says, “I Recently moved back in with my parents, since I just returned to Montreal after moving around for a few years. For a workspace, I don’t need much aside from a table to work on, a chair to sit in, and a mirror for facial expressions. Good lighting, too, if possible. Sometimes, I’ll go to libraries to work because I like the quiet noises and access to books for reference pictures — it’s much better than the internet.”

Click the image below for a closer look!

Lisa Czech is a cartoonist, illustrator, and poster artist from Montreal, QC. “Drawing and reading have always been my escape, and I like to pair the mundane with the surreal or hyper-real.” says Czech. I come from the punk scene, so that motif features prominently in my drawings and comics — often from a satirical angle — but generally, I like observing all humans and how we live in this messed up, beautiful world.


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