Working the Nightshift

“A board game is something that can reach people well beyond my existing community, who are already mostly very accepting of this line of work.” Australian artist and former dancer Exotic Cancer talks to us about her strip club roleplaying game.

The Most Honest Artist in Town: Remembering Joe Matt

Joe Matt erased the line between what should and should not be shared with an audience, which in turn made the reader realize that perhaps they didn’t need to be so fearful of their own dark secrets.

Politics is for the Nuts

In 1974, Vancouver artist Vincent Trasov ran for mayor of Vancouver. Or, at least, Vincent Trasov dressed as Mr. Peanut ran for mayor of Vancouver. Nearly 50 years later, documentary filmmaker Andrew Muir brought the performance piece back into the spotlight with Peanut For Mayor.

Toronto Zine Library Reopens

“To me the space is important as an example of creativity, community and solidarity coming together without commercial expectations.”

PEOW Ends Print Run After 10 Years

Beginning with risographed books and fanzines made internally, PEOW would go on to publish a vast assortment of contemporary, international cartoonists, such as Thu Tran, Jane Mai, Linnea Sterte and Ville Kallio.

How to Turn Your Zine Into a Video Game

Zinester and programmer v buckenham discusses Downpour, their latest creation, as well as flatgames, toolmaking and where indie games overlap with the zine scene.