Imaginary Life #7

Imaginary Life #7 is a short zine made up of text pasted over old black and
white photographs, postcards and vintage wallpaper. Krissy writes about
her last meeting with her father before his death, and the light that their conversation shed on her family’s dynamics. It is nostalgic but brief, and the author’s grief slowly lifts a little throughout the zine. She writes that she has lost interest in the dark things that she used to like, preferring to spend her time with “beauty and softness, kindness and peace.” I liked the author’s voice and the presentation, but the short publication did not fully command my interest. I found myself longing for more details about her family life and the “passions and grief and love that lived in each person” instead of the wide open introduction that meanders vaguely before getting into her story. (Grace Evans)

Zine, issue 7, Krissy, PonyboyPress, PO Box 14613, Portland, OR 97293,

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