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Annie Wong (Moderator)

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Hey, you remember about 10 years ago when cyberpunk actually was the height of underground sci-fi cool, as opposed to the cheap Hollywood trope it has now becom...
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The Daily Steam

Once upon a time, there was a guy who hated not getting new e-mail every day, or at least most days. "This makes me so sad," he said, "Another day with no new e...
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Looks and reads like what it is: a project put together by high school students, in this case the students of St. Lawrence High School in Cornwall, Ontario. Thi...
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The Competitor

You can go to TSN if all you want is a scoreboard, but if you want some serious sports coverage hit The Competitor. The site is updated constantly as sports eve...
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There's nothing wrong with this magazine. I think maybe that's the problem. If there was only something wrong with it. But how can I knock a magazine that's got...
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Zen Views

Find your dharma in the Buddhism of nothingness. Pumpkin soup, book reviews and the beginning of a twelve year cycle -- That's right kids it's THE YEAR OF THE R...
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Yonge Street

Jasmine and friend (older, more jaded character) go to the porno movies - well the video booths actually. Older jaded character watches a bunch of stuff and say...
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The editorial of a publication often acts as a sign post to the reader, giving them a sense of what's ahead. In issue 17, the editorial, "Felt is A-OK", begins ...
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Hi everybody! How are ya? I'm your tour guide today and it's my pleasure to show you around XYZed. So c'mon and don't be shy, and be sure to speak up if you hav...

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