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Annie Wong (Moderator)

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A Homolka obsessed zine dealing with social and cultural stereotypes of women through collage and poetry. The poetry is florid but redeems itself with a graphic...
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Work In Progress

A number of things are amazing about this magazine. It's free, which is amazing because it's quite beautiful - full colour cover, fabulous reproductions of art ...
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This monthly literary calendar covers all events in the Toronto area. Put this magazine down and get out to a reading. listings newsletter / 6 pages / publis...
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Whiz Kid

This is very close to being the Halifax indie band fanzine you always wanted. Long interviews with Jay Ferguson, Plum Tree and Julie Doiron (Eric's Trip, Broken...
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Wheel Well

The quirk-fest begins with a description of the 103 Possee a group with "well over 103 members in cities like St. Catherines and Kitchener" united by three mora...
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Fabulous illustrations nearly overshadow the stories they accompany in these fine little books. Simon the Hit Man nearly learns a moral to his story, Mr Creel s...
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Very Quiet

Interesting spacious story-lines from Jesse. You should see the Best Day Ever review for more of an over-view of Jesse's work. These comics are a continuing ser...
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Verge catalogue

Verge took over music distribution from Marginal (a book and periodical distributor) in 1994. This is their second catalogue, and it is pretty much indispensabl...
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The monthly literary listings magazine serving Vancouver. Comprehensive literary listings, as well as book reviews and zine reviews by Ralph Alfonso of RALPH (C...
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Vanilla Crow

The sketch of the fruit bat is pretty good. And the anteater. The bear looks like a dog with a shirt on, and the buffalo doesn't really look like anything. The ...
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Vallium is not the sort of magazine that puts you to sleep. This is a wide awake tribute to indigenous local magazine publishing that reflects a community witho...

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