Call for Submissions: A Fattie Zine for Fattie People

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About: In response to the body positivity invasion on social media and the backlash and shaming that it receives, us fatties need more places to express ourselves. We need spaces where we can find and admire fellow fatties and express ourselves in an honest way. Far Too Fat zine will be one of those places where we can connect, learn together, be angry together, and grow together without shame.

Submissions: The theme for our first issue is ‘Finding Each Other’. Being fat in a thin world can be very frustrating, infuriating and isolating especially during these wild covid times. In this issue, FTF is looking to publish fat made art and writing about finding other fat folks/finding ourselves fat. The discovery of fat culture is what inspired the making of this zine and FTF would like to share the excitement of discovering that validating content, artwork, or person.

FTF is looking for submissions made by, for, and about fat folks including; fat photography, stories about being fat, media reviews focusing on media made by/about fat folks, fattie poetry, fat erotica (yea send us those sexy selfies!), pornography positively centering fat bodies, art, found images, fat fiction. Submissions can be body negative, body-positive, or body neutral, all perspectives and experiences are welcome.

Submissions from BIPOC and trans fat folks will be given publishing priority.

Accepted submissions will be published in quality black ink on white paper. Please include author name, social contacts and a 25 word bio with pic if you’d like.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Submit to [email protected] by February 14, 2021

You can also submit to their address:


PO BOX 57001



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