Call for Submissions: Calling All Third Culture Kids

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Subject line: Call for submissions.


culture kid.

About: culture kid is a digital space for third culture kids to use as an archive, community-hub, and platform. culture kid hopes to grow into a digital library which holds the vastness of third culture kid experiences. There aren’t many dedicated places for third culture kids to meet up and check in. culture kid hopes they will be among one of those places.

Submissions: culture kid is looking for art by third culture kids that can be disseminated digitally in any language from any part of the world. Anything we can publish digitally made by a self-identified third culture kid from anywhere in the world in any language. culture kid especially encourages submissions from 2SQTBIPOC third culture kids. If you have questions or need support, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

culture kid does not accept submissions per theme that are missing the following information. Please note there two sections. You must fill out SECTION A and one part of SECTION B. This will help culture kid understand the work from your perspective, and gather all the information they need for their publication and marketing purposes.


definitely include:

  • your name;
  • pronouns;

  • contact information (e-mail is just fine);

  • city/country you’re based in; and

  • social handles

SECTION B (choose one)

depending on what you’d like to submit, use one of the following guidelines:

  • if your project is ready to be published:

    • a 1-page (artist) statement about you and the work; and

    • the work (a link to a downloadable file, or attachment) so we can give it a look! (we won’t publish anything until we’ve signed an agreement with you.)

  • if your project is in the works:

    • a brief (250 words) artist statement;

    • a 1-page (or less) description of the project;

    • 3 to 5 samples of your work, which can be related to the project or not — or both;

    • a brief timeline which gives us an idea of when the project might be ready to be published; and

    • a brief description of any digital support you might need from culture kid to make it work — is this a serialized comic that you’d like to publish weekly? a one-off documentary premier you want us to host a digital party for? tell us about the dream. no promises but we’ll give it a go.

If culture kid accepts your submission, they will let you know via e-mail. Should you accept the opportunity, culture kid will begin the publication process. This will include signing an agreement to have your work voluntarily published on culture kid under specific negotiated terms.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Submit your work to [email protected] by December 31, 2020.