Call for Submissions: Fallen Idols

Have you ever had your heart broken by a celebrity? Did a beloved star’s actions leave you feeling disillusioned or abandoned? We invite you to share your personal experiences and creative expressions for our upcoming anthology, Fallen Idols.

Fallen Idols aims to explore the profound impact that celebrities can have on our lives and the unique heartache that can follow when they let us down. Whether through stories, poems, or visual art, help us understand how a celebrity’s actions affected you and shaped your perspective.

This anthology will bring together diverse voices to reflect on the disappointment, betrayal, and pain caused by celebrities who once held a special place in our hearts. By sharing these intimate narratives, we hope to create a collective understanding of the emotional rollercoaster that comes with idolizing public figures.

Submit your work and join us in crafting a compelling collection that delves into the complexities of celebrity worship and the heartbreak that can follow when our idols fall from grace.

Check out more information on zine + things’s website and Instagram. Submissions close July 10, 2024.