Doc Saddlestitch is Lost in the Zine Zone!! Find Him and Win Big!!

Folks, I need you to sit down. Please don’t be alarmed, but you deserve to hear it from us first: We’ve lost Doc Saddlestitch.

Yes, the infamous mad zine scientist, known to tinker away in his insane-o lab on the newest innovations in zine, Xeroxing and stapling technology, has vanished. Here’s what we know: He recently invented a machine to access the ‘Zine Zone,’ a nebulous omniverse that connects all zine scenes across space and time. Though repeatedly warned that entering this ”’Zine Zone”’ would surely be perilous, it appears Doc has taken it upon himself to voyage through this mysterious realm.

Knowing all of this, we must ask you to do something very brave: You must enter the Zine Zone and SAVE DOC SADDLESTITCH!

We believe that by using our search bar and combing through our archives, you will be able to narrow down Doc Saddlestitch’s location. It appears Doc has left behind riddles that refer to famous figures in history. By entering that historical name into the search bar, you should be able to find Broken Pencil articles from our archives, now engraved with clues from Doc Saddlestitch.

What’s in it for you? Well, before venturing into the Zine Zone, Doc Saddlestitch took a care parcel of rations, zines, precious jewels, Spring Canzine discount codes, footage from Area 51 and raffle tickets to win a Broken Pencil prize pack. By following in his footsteps, you may be able to pick up some of these treasured items.

Here is the riddle recovered from Doc’s lab:

This first clue is simple ~
Fit for a fool ~
Just type in the search bar ~
The lover of Mark Antony’s tool ~

Figure it out? Good, hit up the search bar and get hunting. There’s no time to lose!

Not feeling up for a quest that will shatter all the laws of physics? There’s still plenty of Zine Zone fun available from the safety of your personal computer. From April 13th through April 21st, our Spring Canzine will be offering a nebula of zines, comics, literature and art for the most exciting zine fair online, in any timeline. Check out the fest, vendors and all the splendid zines you can nab at!