Excerpts from the Independent Press

Excerpt: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Don’t Tell Me to Smile Comic, Dana Kearley, danakearley.com, danakearley.com, $5 Women have had it up to here with being […]

Excerpt: Home Zine

Australia’s Home Zine is “A zine about the people, places, feelings and spaces that we call ‘home’.” This simple concept allows […]

Zine Excerpt: Menstruate #2

Menstruate the Magazine for Straight Men Vol. 2: A Galaxy of Life Fills the Night By Hart, tawdryproductions.com, $20.00 Hart is an artist, […]

Excerpt: Studies in Hybrid Morphology

Studies in Hybrid Morphology is a story collection trapped in the body of a scientific journal. Presented as a series of faux-scholarly articles, […]

Fascinating Folks

Excerpted from Fascinating Folks by Antoine and Siue Moffat Gene Bilbrew: From Black Superhero to Smutty Cheesecakes Eugene Bilbrew was a […]

The Fox Head

by Paul Jacksties from Misadventures of an (Amateur) Photojournalist (68 Regent Dr., St. Catharines, ON, L2M 3L7) “Paul, what’s the […]

The Artist

An artist pulls out all her teeth one  night, puts them under her pillow,  dreams of the tooth fairy. When […]

Subject: Satanic Groove Suckers

The cluster-fuck known to jizzmarked  halftits as ‘modern society’ is at once an  everexpanding and postuti I iz i ng […]

The Suitcase

When people asked me who; my  parents were, I always said “Robert and  Mary Smith.” Some people would laugh  and […]