How To

How To Be a Girl (for Boys)

By Miss Cookie LaWhore 1. Wear anything. Wear a Budweiser bathing suit, discarded underwear cut into a halter top, or sheer […]

How To Stage a Spectacle

(with Sherwin Tjia) by Melissa Bull Poet, painter, illustrator and showman, Sherwin Tjia is a beloved phenom unto himself. Tjia, […]

How to Transform Your City

By Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner 1. Be cute. Your very presence should elicit a smile! Be playful! Wings help. […]

Food Hacking

The lost art of molecular gastronomy By James King “Chefs are a lot like hardware hackers. Both geek out, absorbing […]

How to do Screen Printing

feature: How to do Screen Printing An expert guide. An online video exclusive. By Lindsay Gibb      

How to Make Your first Video Game

How to Make Your first Video Game In the last issue of Broken Pencil we covered Jim Munroe’s Game Incubator, […]

Eyes on the Prize

How to get your work seen By Michelle Kay If you’re a crafter, zinester or all-around artist, chances are at some […]