Review: Len & Cub: A Queer History

The result of painstaking research stretching through New Brunswick, Maine, Quebec, and Vermont, this early century chronicle of queer Canadians is a labour of love.

Review: XOX Converse

At some point we have all worn some Chucks. Especially zinesters. Nicole Gruszecki’s XOX Converse zine takes you through their life in Converse, from their first pair to their latest.


Bent by the crystal ball we’re peering into as much as by the off-kilter discourse of the person who’s speaking, MLA Chernoff’s SCRIED FUNDAMENTS is is attention-grabbing, clever and regularly baffling.

Review: Death Threat

“Doesn’t being trolled on the internet go hand in hand with being feminine?” asks Vivek Shraya in Death Threat, an account of being harassed by a stranger in 2017.

Review: Out from the Void #4

Brenton Gicker is a registered nurse, a journalist, an EMT and a crisis worker — roles that, taken together, make him a witness to and testifier of struggle, injustice, disappearances and abuses of power among police.

Review: Your Very Own

Through erasure, removal and additions, John Nyman create their own rendition of a 1985 choose your own adventure novel. The narratives found through their erasure is one that supplants the somewhat stereotypical and white patriarchal norms that hang over many 80s Americana quests.

Review: This is How I Disappear

Mirion Malle highlights problems within mental health that are often overlooked. Imposter syndrome. Difficulties finding professional help. Confronting family. I only cried a little, I swear.

Review: Porn Work

Every porn scene — and there are millions — is a record of people at work. This is the premise behind Heather Berg’s fascinating account of the labour economies that form the adult entertainment industry.