Review: The Wig-Maker

Janet Gallant and Sharon Thesen fuse their poetry and prose in this powerful tale of tragedy and compassion.

Review: Wasp Video Xpress #1

Carlos Gonzalez’ sense of humour is consumed by a world of rot and body horror; puerile, but also quite unique.

Review: Pond Life

Life in the 21st century can be strange and silly, and Hiller Goodspeed delights in exploring these microcosms in his latest book, Pond Life.

Review: Where the Rent Went

Where the Rent Went Comic Zine, Andrew Neal,, $5 A cast of chaotic punks living in the city and […]

Welcome To This

Welcome To This Marta Chudolinska, 12 pgs, Private Spectacle Press, Welcome To This is made up of several illustrations […]

Live, Laugh, Love #2

Live, Laugh, Love #2 Miles Davitt, 28pgs, $3 @milesdavitt I’ve always considered sketchbook zines as kind of an after thought, […]