Zine Review

Review: Sessile

“Sessility” describes a lack of mobility in organisms. The inability to move under their own metabolic processes. In Sessile, our narrator finds themselves unable to move on.

Review: Wasp Video Xpress #1

Carlos Gonzalez’ sense of humour is consumed by a world of rot and body horror; puerile, but also quite unique.

Review: Where the Rent Went

Where the Rent Went Comic Zine, Andrew Neal, meetingcomics.com, $5 A cast of chaotic punks living in the city and […]

Bear & Fox

Bear & Fox Artzine, Andre Molnar, 10 pgs, Inpprpte Press, IG: @inpprprte, $5 Bear & Fox, a mini-comic zine debut […]

I Could’ve Killed Alex Jones

I Could Have Killed Alex Jones Zine, Mark Cunning, 32 pg,etsy.com/shop/markzines, $4   We know by now how so much […]

Behind the Drywall

Behind the Drywall Artzine, Nikki Reimer & Andrea Mackenzie Engele, 20 pgs, Gytha Press, gythapress.org,$9.25  A striking, symmetrical Art Deco-inspired […]

Cute Nose #1

Rotem Anna Diamant, 28 pgs,@rotemannadiamant, etsy.com/ca/shop/MonsterMaidenZines, $5 “I can’t get out of the tub,” laments the main figure of Cute […]

Sleemor Gank – Burg Land 1

Attempting to describe the first issue of Burg Landin a capsule review isa steep order, but I’ll give it a […]