Art Holes: Amiga 600

I moved house, and country, a few years back, as the COVID restrictions were being lifted. I work from home so I’ve claimed one of the smaller bedrooms as my workspace. It neatly fits these two Ikea art tables in a ‘L’ shape and I’ve just crammed in all my tech stuff so on one side is everything I need to draw and work, and on the other is a 17” PVM TV to play old retro games when I get the chance. On the other wall, not pictured, is a big set of shelves with books on there. The room needs repainting, it’s a little drab and beige, but it is cozy and warm in the winter with a window looking out on the garden so it’s not without its charm. Making this image I realize how much my workspace looks a lot like the things I draw. We’ll probably be moving house again soon, so this is a transitory, functional space, maybe the next place will receive a bit more forethought and love on how it all fits together

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