Zine Awards 2018 Nominees

The nominees for this year’s Zine Awards are here!

After careful deliberations, we are excited to announce the nominees for each category for the Zine Awards 2018!

Don’t think this was an easy task — narrowing down the pool of entries for each category proved quite the challenge, as each entry contributes something special to the zine community. This year we received well over 200 entries to the Zine Awards from all over the globe, all from incredibly talented artists. We are so proud of the nominees for each category, as well as all the zines that were entered into the Zine Awards. Can’t wait to see what zines will be submitted for next year’s awards!

Over the next weeks, our judges will take over the even harder task of picking a winner in each category. Cole Pauls will judge the Artzine, Comic Zine, and Fanzine categories; Monica Trinidad will deliberate on the Compilation Zine, Literary Zine, and Micro Literary Journal categories; Cindy Crabb will judge the Perzine and Political zine categories.

The winners of each category will be announced publicly at Canzine Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario on September 22nd.

Note: BP Zine Awards 2018 Winners and Nominees for sale on our store, coming soon!


The artzine category is being sponsored by Opus Art Supplies

Bajito y Suavecito – Luz Magdaleno Flores (Chicago, Illinois)

Moonrise – Mitchell Keys (London, Ontario)

Homes I Cannot Afford – Nikki (Vancouver, BC)

Dream Zine Vol. 1 – Lily Kosmicki (Denver, Colorado)

Traces (Fragment) – Christopher Savage (Calgary, Alberta)

Creatures You Meet in the Fog – Joyce Shin (North York, Ontario)

Comic Zine

The comic zine category is being sponsored by Seneca College

LEG – Juli Majer (Vancouver, BC)

Reverse Flaneur – M. Sabine Rear (Portland, Oregon)

Cuidando – Kelly Fernandez (Jackson Heights, New York)

778 Days: Comix on Transmasculinity – Panic Volkushka (Seattle, Washington)

Yo, Miss #6 – Changes, Vengeance, Trump and the Eumenides – Lisa Wilde (Brooklyn, New York)

Bacchanalia – Kimberly Edgar (Toronto, Ontario)


The fanzine category is being sponsored by Kitty On Fire Records

Tales From the Main Stage – Tim Bauer (Vancouver, BC)

Hoser Punx – Shelby Monita (Toronto, Ontario)

Sapphic Angst Fest – Georgina Turner (Merseyside, UK)

Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fanzine) aka The Ween Zine – Eli Schwab (Los Angeles, California)

CHIZZA #1 – Florian Rittmeyer (Evanston, Illinois)

Kouign Amann – Mandy Paradise (Olympia, Washington)

Compilation Zine

Dear Journal issue 3 – Laina Hughes & Dunja Kovacevic (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Emotional Magazine – Una Di Gallo (Stoney Creek, Ontario)

Happy If You Know It – With/out Pretend (Toronto, Ontario)

Deadass Tho NYC Vol. 2 – Deadass Tho NYC (Brooklyn, New York)

From the Root #4 HOME – Whitney French and Timaj Garad (Toronto, Ontario)

Almost Everything But a Cat – Karolina Ficek (Vaughan, Ontario)


Literary Zine

The literary zine category is being sponsored by Seneca College

The Story of the Orca’s Silver Tongue as Told by the Manager of the Only Taco Bell in Juno –Nina Budabin McQuown and Laura Stinson (Washington, DC)

The Eyes of The Chest – Kate Folk and Tobias Goodshank (Brooklyn, New York)

Translanguaging – Winston Le (Langley, BC)

Back and Forth (a negotiation) – Sonali Menezes of Glittering Magpiee (Hamilton, Ontario)

Just Another Self-Portrait – China Marsot-Wood (Montreal, Quebec)

WHYVALE – Michael McGlennon (Toronto, Ontario)

Micro Literary Journal

The micro literary journal category is being sponsored by Seneca College

Into the Void, Issue #8 – Philip Elliott (Toronto, Ontario)

Boy Tears Mag, #1 – Ry (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Is That So? Issue 9 – Catherine Sinow (San Diego, California)

Plumbago Magazine, Issue 3 – Andy Welfle (San Francisco, California)

WORDASHES, Issue 2 – Nina V. Rye & Masha Baur (Toronto, Ontario)


Heirs – Christina L’Eucatastrophe (Lachine, Quebec)

Old Haunts – Dan Brenner (Ridgewood, New York)

Hair – Anand Vedawala (San Francisco, California)

My Year in the Dark – Rachel Schwartz Fagan (Toronto, Ontario)

GLXTCH issue .03 – “im(prism)ment” – Lana C. Marilyn (Brooklyn, New York)

Living Not Existing #4 – Faith (Toronto, Ontario)

Political Zine

Don’t Hate My Heels: A Confrontation with Whorephobia in Which Whores Win – A Loose Collective of Loose Women (Los Angeles, California)

The American Indian Ready To Wear Catalog 2018 – Joey Clift (North Hollywood, California)

Restore Your Right to Vote! – Aggie Toppins (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Co-op Alternatives Issue 1: Con-Post – Stony Mountain Anna, Tam, Donald & Nicholas (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Issue 12: The Dream Issue – Yes, Ma’am (San Antonio, Texas)

Testify! – Bronwyn Mauldin (Glendale, California)