By Martha Grover

Martha Grover is currently a student in the creative writing MFA program at the California College of Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been published in publications and websites such as 400words, Tom Tom Magazine, Never Have Paris Zine, Zinethug, and Spam Publishing. Her artwork has been shown in Portland, San Jose and in San Francisco. She started Somnambulist Zine in 2004 in Portland, Oregon. The zine has included a variety of content, from interviews with family members, performance artists, environmental educators, and mental health workers to personal stories about Martha’s work, love, bad habits and her complicated health problems. She also frequently collaborates with artists to illustrate her zine.

This latest issue, excerpted here, is the result of Martha’s experience living with her parents for one full year. Every Sunday they had a family meeting. Somnambulist Number Fifteen is a record of those meetings. You can contact Martha at: PO Box 14871, Portland, Oregon, 97293, USA. Or e-mail at [email protected].

Somnambulist Zine is available on Etsy,, at numerous independent bookstores, or you can buy a subscription from Martha at $15 US for four issues.