2018 Zine Awards: Best Political Zine

Yes, Ma’am, Issue 12: The Dream Issue
By Yes, Ma’am
(San Antonio, Texas)

The alternative and underground press has always been fuelled by political action and knowledge sharing. Zines remain an important tool and resource for political organizing and community building around the world.

This year’s winning zine comes from Yes, Ma’am, a serial distro out of San Antonio, Texas. In The Dream Issue, a range of voices come together to cover topics like anti-Latinx racism, immigration, indigeneity, gender, and preserving Chicanx communities against the very real threats we face today.

“The breadth of emotion, images, poetry, essays covered in this zine about immigration is impressive,” said Cindy Crabb, one of this year’s judges for the Zine Awards. “And so essential to connect with the transforming and mobilizing power of artistic expression in these horrifying times.”

Yes, Ma’am came about when two feminist college students needed a way to express themselves,” explains Suzy González and Elle Minter, the co-creators of the zine. “[It is] about providing a platform to uplift the voices of other womxn and non-binary folx. It’s important to us to provide access to a range of intersectional perspectives.”

Watch the 2018 Zine Awards ceremony.


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