Q&A with Hope Amico of Gutwrench Press
Folio: Potlatch Punk by Whess Harman
Global Zine Report: State of the Zine 2018
Global Zine Report: Colombia
The New Noir: Terminal City at the Heart of a Genre’s Renaissance
FME: 15 Years of Supporting the Weird in the Middle of Nowhere


‘Delet This’ is all about this year’s internet
‘Fake Bands’ zine takes bandnamemaker.com to the next level
‘Friendly’ shows the melting pot of misery that is mental illness
‘Insecurities in Being’ is avant-garde pop for wayward souls
Winnipeg artists converge in ‘The Strong Badger Chronicle’ zine
Deeply personal ‘Safe Words’ handles real life beautifully
‘A Vancouver Alphabet’ full of whimsical familiar sights
‘tattered sails’ a reimagining of a reimagining
‘How I Didn’t Write Any of My Books’ reimagines literary canon with unfinished works
‘This Was Then This Is Now’ a passionate perspective of past and present
Small moments add up to something more in comic zine
‘Adagio’ an ominous sermon on the environment
Process your existential crisis with ‘The Traveller, Livre II’
‘Statues’ zine full of motion
‘Bodega’ album is apt satire
‘Squelette’ + soundtrack a challenging and trippy read
‘Shit is Real’ a worthwhile trip through one woman’s depression
We need more comics like ‘Ghost Stories’
Lesbian graphic novel ‘Forward’ is moving and intimate
‘Carnet De Voyage’ more than just about travel
‘By the Forces of Gravity’ is a beautiful love letter to a dear friend
“SHiFT FROM THA 902” album mixes old with new school
Slice-of-life series ‘Almost Summer’ worth a binge read
‘100 Days in Uranium City’ gives bleak look at lonely life of miners
‘We All Need to Eat’ covers suicide, Jewish identity and queerness
Drama-filled ‘Through Different Eyes’ is a page-turner
Q2Q an engaging snapshot of Canadian queer theatre
Infinite Gradation an invaluable source of consolation and clarity
Deathmatch finalist’s tale a classic noir novel
‘Anna, Like Thunder’ is a historical page-turner
‘a, A Novel’ is an abstract piece of art
‘Woman World’ is a deliciously funny read


Introducing Exposure Unit
Art Holes: Areeba Siddique


Fiction: Closer
Fiction: The Morning After

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Take a peek inside ‘The Traveller, Livre II: The One Inbetween’
Take a stroll through ‘Statues’ excerpts
Take a look inside ‘The Ship’d Sailed: Stories About Friendships and Loss’

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Zinester’s Toolkit: Collage-spiration with Lisa Pijuan-Nomura


Folio: Potlatch Punk by Whess Harman


Coffee People zine is one good cup of joe
Soviet Zines Live On!
Museum of Symmetry