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Is there a zine scene in Iran? If there is, should we know about it?
Your final farewell – or, how to write your own obituary
Death in the Small Press
How DIY tattoos became my death ritual
Daring to do death differently
Announcing the Broken Pencil Virtual Death Café!


‘Tommelise’ discusses what its like to feel small in a big, scary world
‘Sleepwalking’ captures honest small town struggles
‘Taxi! Stories from the Backseat’ is an homage to the taxi driver in the age of Uber
You’ll find nothing but friendly invitations in ‘The Truth About Facts’
‘ROMANS/SNOWMARE’ resonates with a love of language and experiment
‘What About Tomorrow?’ is an engaging account of Russian punks through the ages
Deadbeat Beat’s ‘How Far’ is musically varied and lyrically congruous
Sylvia Wrath delivers customary pop introspection in ‘really big picture’
‘ISITSIIPOTAAKO’ is ethereal, sinister, and one of a kind
‘Plummet’ explores how to survive if the world was literally turned upside down
‘Frame of Mind’ provides a female-centric perspective on underground rock music
Mercedes Killeen wants to lie with her thoughts naked in ‘tulips’
Sexual symbolism and subliminal messages in ‘Ripe’
‘Chronicles [Letter Number Two of Six]’ leaves the reader with letters addressed to an unnamed “you”
‘Bad Blood’ is a chapbook for the thoughtful punk
‘View Master’ is packed with bright illustrations and eccentric stories
7th cousins roadtrip through self-discovery and problematic history
Jewish cynicism, Old Winnipeg and curling take the rink in ‘Shot Rock’
Christopher Green’s ’The Turtle Library Comics Magazine’ is a truly multifaceted reading experience
Charlotte Wu brings us back to a mind frame of curiosity in ’Snack Witchcraft’
Instead of another celebrity chef cookbook, try ‘Reciwee’
Jon Vaughn coaxes a playful narrative in ‘Sand Masque’
‘The Other Kind of Nerd #3’ touches on living with uncertainty
‘A Japanese Doll’ is a moving meditation on vindictive violence and a friendship doll exchange
Get faced with a couple heavy questions in ‘How Are You?’
‘Garbage’ is remarkably stunning take on proper waste disposal
Calming antidotes to a bout of rage in ‘Consider Your Anger, Managed’
Meg Dearlove opens up discussions of empowerment and body positivity in ‘Cindy & Mindy’
‘The Brothers Smash’ is playful take on all things Super Smash Bros
‘Boy #3’ reminds us about the real tensions inherent in dysphoria and self-representation
‘Between A Rock and a Windy Place’ introduces a wild and fun artist collaboration
‘Word Zine #4: The California Edition’ showcases the wonder and weirdness of California’s skateboard scene
‘Why We Cry When We’re Happy’ is a stark reminder that emotions know no bounds
Delve into early ‘90s video game nostalgia with ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’
‘Tapezine #2: The Analogue Journal’ is a revolution of the zine as we know it
‘Strange and Mysterious Creatures Purple Issue’ reveals how trauma manifests in creative work
‘Soft Amber’ is a graceful interpretation of self-love
‘Satanic Feminism’ explores ways to actively hex the worst parts of society
Meegan Estelle Lim confronts a problematic binary in ‘MSG: The Craving for Cultural embrace’
Announcing the Broken Pencil Virtual Death Café!
The personal becomes the political in ‘Life After Sex Work’
‘Horticultural Counterpowers #3’ gets to the root of urban gentrification
‘Five Years’ details the challenges of working as a new teacher
Laura Rowley recalls her experiences with endometriosis in ‘Endon Metra Osis’
Uncover the urban garden around you with this zine on fantastic prairie foliage
‘Convulsions’ calls attention to the struggles of living with brain trauma
Wednesday Bell loves Toronto, but it doesn’t love her back in ‘Commodity’
‘A Japanese Doll’ Is a story of 1920s historical exchange
‘Chain Letter’ zine travels the world and back


Zine Philosophy: Zines Across Prison Walls
Exposure Unit: What makes a zine a zine?
Art Holes: Sybil Lamb
Zinester’s Toolkit: Shrinky Dinkin all day with Eileen Chavez
From the editor: Death and I
Announcing the Broken Pencil Virtual Death Café!
How we use zines to support queers in prison — and how you can, too
Trust in zines: Racial violence, relationships, and repair


Fiction: A Flight of Planetary Fancy

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Zinester’s Toolkit: Shrinky Dinkin all day with Eileen Chavez


Folio: Destroy the Myth by Demian DinéYazhi’ & RISE


Putting Print Back on the Subway Map
The ultimate zine library catalogue has landed



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