Zine Awards 2021 Artzine of the Year: Diaspora Daughter/Diaspora Dyke by Christina Hajjar

This zine collects photography, poetry, and performance and objects to contend with intergenerational inheritance, personal histories, pleasure, loss, love, and the formation of identity through visual representation. Published just after the explosions in Beirut in August 2020, Hajjar reflects on Lebanese queer diaspora.

“A slick catalogue-like zine of beautiful photos, including the documentation of a performance and moving poetry. Hajjar’s art is a powerful statement on the meaning, beauty and activism of a queer femme body in place.”
Judge Fiona Smyth

You can purchase a copy of Diaspora Daughter/Diaspora Dyke on Christina Hajjar’s site or as part of our 2021 Zine Awards bundle!