Canzine Portraits: Mary Tremonte/Justseeds

Pictured: Mary’s “Queer Scout” badge. You can buy it here. Image taken from


Mary “Mack” Tremonte lives in Pittsburgh and is a member of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, which began as a graphic distribution project in 1998 and slowly blossomed (sorry for the pun!) into a worker-owned cooperative with members based all over the world. To put it broadly, Justseeds’ work deals with art and resistance, and we encourage you to visit the org’s website to learn more about how these ideas manifest themselves through members’ work. Mary’s art is a fitting extension of this mandate: it is sly, charming, hip, socially engaged and beautiful, and features queer animals and brilliantly-coloured calls to arms.  It’s pretty damn captivating! She is also a Youth Programs Coordinator at the Andy Warhol Museum, and volunteers at Artists Image Resource and the Braddock Community Silkscreen Studio. She also DJs and organizes parties to raise money for grassroots causes. Come visit Mary and check out her amazing stuff at Canzine Toronto this Sunday.

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