Canzine Vancouver Vendor Q&A: Refried Zines

Vendor Q&A: RefriedZines

Who are you? Why are you coming to Canzine?

My name is Sam Schmidt and I run RefriedZines. RefriedZines is mostly a collection of perzines focusing around queer and mental health issues, however I am currently working on a multi-volume series about astrology that has been very fun to orchestrate. I am tabling at Canzine as it is a great place to expose people to my work and honestly a very fun environment to be a part of.

Have you been before? If so, what’s your fondest Canzine memory?

I did my first table ever at Canzine last year, and it was such a delightful experience. My fondest memory was wandering the space and talking with other artists. I think as zine creators it can be hard to get validation in what you create, but Canzine has created a space for like minded people to connect and learn from each other.

Why do you create?

I started writing zines in order to survive as writing was one of the only positive coping mechanisms I had in my life for a long time. Every time someone tells me about how they connect with what I create it makes it all worth it. Several years ago when I was at my lowest, I wrote a book of poetry that truly saved my life. I had something I needed to finish and by the time I did I was in a much better place mentally.