Canzine West Vendors: Emily McGratten



wiTHIN is the autobiographical story of Karen as she grows up dealing with bullying, family, spirituality, and learning to live with mental illness. The story is meant to help give a glimpse into what it is like to struggle with an eating disorder as well as what it was like for her family and friends during it all.

Karen is a psychotherapist in Guelph, Ontario and specializes in treating eating disorders. She has a passion for for educating and supporting those struggling directly and indirectly with mental health issues. Emily is Karen’s sister in law and a freelance illustrator, comic artist and printmaker from Peachland, BC. Emily will be vending at this year’s Canzine West! Come see her and check out wiTHIN and other works she has for sale. wiTHIN is also excerpted in the fall edition of Broken Pencil, given to all Canzine West vendors and attendees!
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